About Me

Iā€™m Raza Sayed, a software craftsman located in Mumbai,India. I primarily work as a full-stack engineer involved with architecting and developing scalable web applications.I enjoy working on challenges associated with building scalable and distributed architectures.In software development we know that there is no one size fit all, and throughout my career so far i have been lucky to have had experience with a plethora of tools,technologies and frameworks which has broadened as well as deepened my perspective as a software engineer.My tech stack primarily consists of RubyOnRails and Nodejs,relational databases like MySql and Postgres,NoSql databases like Mongo and Redis,vanilla javascript and also Angularjs framework on the frontend,and as far as devops is concerned i have experience with VM based virtualization using Vagrant,container based virtualization using Docker,automated server provisioning with Puppet and Chef,CI/CD tools like Jenkins,CircleCI etc and also cloud services like AWS and Google Cloud.

As far as programming languages go i consider myself to be a polyglot as in the past i have worked with a lot of different programming languages like C,C++,Java,Perl,PHP,Python,Scala and also because i like learning different programming languages and paradigms as it gives you better insight into the craft of programming and helps you choose the right tool to solve a problem.Ruby is one of my favorite but i also find JVM based languages like Scala for example really interesting because it combines the expressiveness of dynamic languages like Ruby with the performance benefits offered by the JVM. Go is another programming language that i have been playing around with recently and i find it really cool šŸ™‚, because it compiles to native code and thus highly performant,its minimal C like syntax which makes it quick and easy to learn for programmers familiar with a statically typed language like C and also for those that arent, and excellent support for concurrency in the form of channels and goroutines .

Apart from programming languages i also have experience with and interest in Agile software development and writing clean,maintanable and testable code that adheres to the SOLID principles. My areas of interest also include Functional Programming,Virtualization,Distributed Systems,Continuous Delivery and Deployment. Also i love to tinker with hobby electronics and microcontrollers in my spare time :electric_plug:

I also enjoy writing a blog which helps me consolidate my thoughts on a particular topic and also as a means of sharing my knowledge with others.Hope you find it useful. Keep reading and happy hacking ! :+1: